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Product code: 10-265-031
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Porcelain cereal bowl "New bone" 14cm

Product dimensions
Weight 0.40 kg
Length 14.00 cm
Height 7.30 cm
Width 14.00 cm
Capacity 0.65 litre
Thickness 0.40 mm
Diameter 13.50 cm

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Technical characteristics

Porcelain cereal bowl "New bone" 14cm with embossed pattern-scale

The "New Bone" mugs and bowls are made of high-quality porcelain. They are available in 2 embossed patterns and 3 different pale colors and are a great choice to enjoy your breakfast or your coffee.

Microwave safe, dishwasher safe.

Minimum order quantity 6 pieces (the package includes 3 different colors, 2 pieces per color).

Instructions for use

- Before the first use, wash the product with soapy warm water and a soft sponge.

- Do not use metal sponges, wire or harsh cleaners.

Shipping information


NAVA Weight
Ø 0.50
NAVA Length
Ø 15.00 cm
NAVA Height
Ø 8.50 cm
NAVA Width
Ø 15.00 cm

Consumer line

From Monday to Friday

+30 2317 00 5678

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