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Quality Policy

The company NAVA SA responding to the requirements of the modern business reality and aiming to improve its organizational structure and internal communication, always aiming at faster and better customer service, decided to design and install a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO International 9001: 2015.

The Quality Management System of the company covers all the activities of the company regarding the Import & Trade of Household Goods and was designed according to the needs and aspirations of the Company and the Legal and Regulatory Requirements of the current Greek and Community Legislation.

The satisfaction and the reassurance of the trust of customers, through the fulfillment of defined quality standards and consistency in deliveries are key principles of NAVA SA.

The general goal of the company is to satisfy the needs and the expectations of its customers as much as possible, to offer products of exceptional quality and high benefit and for this reason establishes measurable goals for the Quality seeking:

  • Improving the organizational structure, through the clear definition of responsibilities and duties.
  • Improving the operation of the Company, through the identification, the development of the System Processes, the identification and evaluation of the risks & opportunities.
  • Improving the Internal Communication, through the determination of the interaction and interdependence of the Company's processes.
  • Increase the Customer Satisfaction, through a systematic searching approach and satisfaction of their requirements.
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and the operation of the Company with the effective use of the following tools:
  • Defining and reviewing the quality objectives.
  • Management Review
  • Internal Inspections
  • Corrective actions
  • Systematic data analysis resulting from the Quality Files.
  • Identification of the requirements of the stakeholders (customers, staff, wider society, etc.) related to the Quality Management System.

For the faster and more complete achievement of the above objectives, the Management of NAVA SA:

  • It is committed to apply the principles of the Quality Policy and the QMS that itself defines.
  • It is committed to comply with the applicable Greek and Community legislation.
  • To inform the human resources and motivates them to commit to the same principles.
  • It is committed to the provision of the infrastructure and the equipment deemed necessary for the implementation of its work and the proper implementation of the Quality Management System.

In order to achieve the above objectives, all the necessary reports have been made in the documentation of the Quality Management System. Through the systematic planning, the control of processes and the continuous improvement of all activities, the principles of the company are fulfilled.

Every employee is responsible for the quality of his own work and it is imperative to contribute to the quality management and the achievement of the set goals. For this reason, all employees, depending on their responsibilities, are informed about the Quality Management System and act in accordance with the established rules.

Procedures, flows and actions, which do not guarantee the fulfillment of the set goals, are immediately stopped by those responsible, cause analyzes are carried out and the necessary improvement measures are defined.

This Quality Policy is communicated to the staff, is available to all the interested parties and is reviewed periodically by the Company Management.

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