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Ways to Order

NAVA provides you with the following ways to order:

1. Order directly in our online store Navaideas

To place your orders through our online store, all you have to do is navigate to our categories and select the products that interest you. Then add them to your online shopping cart and finally complete your order by giving your personal details, delivery address and payment method.

More details in steps:

A) Select the subcategory you are interested in from the main menu and see all the products in a row. In the image of each product there is on the right the basket symbol which you select and the specific product is automatically added to your shopping cart. Alternatively, clicking on the product opens the tab of each product to see in detail its features and if you want to include it in your cart, click on the icon on the right side of each product tab "add to cart". On the upper right you can see the stock status of the specific product, e.g. if the product you want has been sold out you will be presented with the message "Out of stock" while if there is small remaining quantity you will be presented with the message "Low availability".

B) In order to see at any time what you have added to your cart you can click on the "cart" icon located on the top right of the main page and then select the "my cart" button.

C) At this point you can see in detail the products you selected,  the row in which you selected them and modify the quantities according to your needs.

D) You can also see the total points you collected from the products you selected (Applies only to consumers). Once you have accumulated the desired number of points, you have the option to redeem them and receive the corresponding discount (for more details see: Points System).

E) After you have finished selecting your products to complete the order, click on the "CHECKOUT” option below and to the right of the shopping cart.

F) The system will ask you for your personal details and delivery address. Finally, it will give you options to select on shipping method, payment method and how to use your points.

G) In case you choose payment by debit or credit card you will be transferred to the secure environment of Viva Wallet, where you will have to provide your card details to complete the transaction. Similarly, if you choose to make the payment via Paypal, you will be transferred to the secure environment of PayPal and you will complete the payment following the corresponding instructions.

NAVA S.A. is committed to the accuracy, truth and completeness of the information presented in the website Navaideas, as far as the identity of NAVA S.A. is concerned, as well as the transactions provided through the online store. The online store Navaideas makes every effort to provide high quality services. Nevertheless, and in the context of good faith, the online store is not responsible and not bound by electronic data entries made by mistake / inadvertence during the common experience and is entitled to correct them whenever realizes their existence. After the registration of your order, an automated e-mail is sent which states the details of the order, is used as an order confirmation and is concluded as a contract between the two parties. In case you do not receive a relevant e-mail confirming your order or a notification by phone, it is your obligation to inform us without delay, as there may be a problem with the contact details you have stated. The online store Navaideas does not bear any responsibility in case you have entered your contact details incorrectly, as a result of which it is not possible to communicate with you. In case the order is pending then a corresponding e-mail will be sent. Alternatively, telephone communication is made to the telephone numbers that have been registered by the user during your registration or order entry at Navaideas.

2. Via our call center

If you are a consumer, you can place your order by phone at +30 2317 00 5678, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT+2) or by fax at +30 2310 784899 24 hours a day. For B2B telephone orders contact us at +30 2317 00 7177 daily from 08:30 to 17:00 (GMT+2).

3. Via e-mail

You can send your order to the e-mail: orders@navaideas.com stating in detail the products in the desired quantities, the complete contact details and the delivery address. For B2B orders via e-mail contact: welcome@navaideas.gr (for Greece) & exports@navaideas.com (for abroad).

Then we will contact you, as soon as possible, for the delivery of your order.

Consumer line

From Monday to Friday

+30 2317 00 5678

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