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Payment methods

NAVA provides you with the following payment methods:

1. Payment by Credit or Debit Card

Navaideas accepts all debit or credit cards. Your transactions in our online store are made through Viva Wallet and are protected by top online security systems (SSL-128 bit). If this payment method is selected, the customer (after being informed about the charge in the shopping cart) logs in / is redirected to the payment on the secure page of Viva Wallet and enters his credit / debit card details so as to send and implement payment with absolute communication security (SSL 128 bit) from Viva Wallet.

Therefore, the customer's card details are not stored anywhere, but are only used during checking and debiting. In general, no credit or debit card number is stored on the server of Navaideas, ensuring maximum customer security.

For purchases with your credit or debit prepaid card, please follow the instructions in our online store. You will be asked to fill in the order form with the number, expiry date and three or four digit security code of your credit card.

2. Payment via Paypal

Your transaction can also be made via PayPal, for maximum security of your transactions. So when you choose a "PayPal" payment method, you are diverted to the relevant PayPal address, with which you accept the debit of your card and which receives and manages your personal data.

Navaideas does not maintain any of your personal data.  You complete your payment by following the instructions you will receive on the official PayPal website.

3. By bank deposit

You can deposit or transfer money to the following NAVA bank accounts:

Bank name: PIRAEUS BANK S.A.

IBAN: GR29 0172 2180 0052 1801 8394 069


Beneficiary name: VLACHOS BROS S.A.


IBAN: GR29 0110 2470 0000 2474 7019 842


Beneficiary name: VLACHOS BROS S.A.

Bank name: ALPHA BANK

IBAN: GR17 01 40 72 50 7250 02 33 00 00 104


Beneficiary name: VLACHOS BROS S.A.

Bank name: EUROBANK

IBAN: GR19 02 60 19 10 00 00 10 20 05 36 030


Beneficiary name: VLACHOS BROS S.A.

Upon receipt of an update on our payment system for payment, the order shipping process begins. Please keep the receipt of your transaction and upon completion of the deposit send by fax the receipt to +30 2310 784899 or by e-mail to billing@navaideas.com.

CAUTION! The processing of your order will start only after the confirmation of deposit and the delivery time is calculated from then on. If the deposit has not been confirmed within 4-6 working days, the order will be canceled.

Whether it is a deposit in a physical store (bank deposit) or a transfer via e-banking in the field "Beneficiary Reference" place the relevant order number given to you upon completion at Navaideas

4. Pay on Delivery - COD (Only for Greece)

For orders worth up to 500€, COD is available, ie payment of the price at the time of delivery:

- in courier deliveries throughout Greece with cash & credit or debit card.

- for deliveries with a transport company, unfortunately, cash on delivery is NOT accepted.

* COD is charged an additional 1.50€ 

In B2B orders, the commercial agreement that exists between the 2 companies is observed.

Consumer line

From Monday to Friday

+30 2317 00 5678

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