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During the last 50 years, NAVA is launching ranges of products with its own signature, determined to offer solutions of modern design and great functionality for every home. NAVA supplies product collections that make the difference and this reflects its philosophy. As one of the most trusted brands of cookwarebakewarekitchen utensils and tableware, it has created the powerful momentum for continued growth with its 12.000 square meters headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece.

NAVA has come a long way since its foundation in 1972, by focusing on meeting high standards in its product quality and customer service. 

NAVA is one of the leading Greek companies in the sector of products for food preparation, cooking, baking, dining and home organizing, with significant presence and export activity on an international level, including Europe, former USSR states, Middle East, North Africa, Central and South America.

While NAVA retains its position in the Greek market, by having established solid relationships in kitchenware and tableware sector, its business extends globally via strategic alliances and continuous investments in product development, marketing and advertisement. Today, its presence extends to over 40 countries through collaborations with some of the most respected distributors and chains of retail stores over the world.

The real asset of NAVA is its personnel. Well trained, with collective vision which fits the company’s values, its people can cope with every challenge and achieve every goal, in both Greek and international markets.

Throughout the years, NAVA is loyal to its values. Always caring about people, it supports social groups, constantly being involved in activities and campaigns.

By developing and providing high quality products and services, NAVA will continue its successful growth in the Greek and global market.

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