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Halvah from Farsala | Time for food with Argiro

  • NAVA Preparation time15’
  • NAVA Cooking time10’
  • NAVA Level of difficultyMedium

Products used in the recipe

Recipe ingredients

4 cups sugar

4 cups water

2 cups corn flour 

¾ cups sunflower oil or milk butter melted and cold

1 cup almonds

Vanilla or cinnamon (optional)

Recipe Directions

First roast the almonds.

In a backing tray put the unpeeled almonds.

Preheated the oven at 200ºC and bake the almonds, on the middle grill for about 10 ′ until they change color.

During the cooking, mix so that the almonds are cooked evenly.

Leave them aside.

Keep 1 cup sugar for the caramel and a half cup sugar for the halvah.

In a bowl, put the remaining sugar (2.5 cups) and mix.

Add the water and the oil (or the melted pure butter) and mix the ingredients very well. At the beginning mix with a spoon so that the corn flour melts well.

Then with a whisk, mix for 2-3 minutes the mixture of liquid ingredients. Add cinnamon or vanilla if you want.

We make the caramel with the sugar that we kept at the beginning. In a deep casserole with a thick base, put 1 cup sugar gradually and over medium heat. Allow the sugar to melt, mixing frequently, with an oiled wooden ladle.

When the sugar melts and turns into caramel, then carefully add the liquid ingredients and the corn flour.

When we add the liquids to the caramel, because the caramel temperatures drop, it freezes and stabilizes. However, with the constant mixing of the halvah on the heat, it will regain its liquid form.

Mix the halvah again and again in the casserole, always over medium heat until all the liquids are absorbed.

Remove from the heat and continue mixing for a few minutes, until the oil disappears completely.

Finally, after the halvah is homogenized, add the roasted almonds and mix gently to go everywhere.

We will use a shallow backing tray, about 32 or 34 cm. The halvah must be flat, to caramelize its surface.

Put the hot halvah into the backing tray. Shake the backing tray so that it flattens.

Let the homemade halvah from Farsala cool.

Sprinkle with the remaining sugar (1/2 cup), the entire surface of the halvah.

Burn the sugar to caramelize. Alternatively, grill for a few minutes, putting the halvah on the top grill of the oven, until the sugar has melted and caramelized.

Let the halvah from Farsala cool well, then cut it into pieces.

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