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Product code: 10-103-123
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Glass lid "Misty" 28cm

Product dimensions
Weight 0.70 kg
Height 8.00 cm
Diameter 28.00 cm
This product is not available anymore
Technical characteristics

From the beginning of cooking until the final serving, the Misty lid by NAVA will be your best assistant, while at the same time will prevent smoke and smell from spreading on the kitchen atmosphere.

When cooking with the lid closed, the content of the pan boils faster and, consequently, the cooking time is reduced, saving energy. At the same time, the food stays protected and remains hot for a longer period. Finally, the use of the lid may be your secret for a tender, juicy, evenly cooked and full of aromas pot roast, since the water vapor is kept in the pan and the meat reserves all of its aromas and humidity.

The Misty lids are made of high quality heat-resistant glass and allow you to control the cooking temperature with no heat loss. The stainless steel rim protects the glass from cracking. The lid disposes steam hole and non-heated bakelite handle with soft-touch sense.

Available in 6 dimensions (18cm, 20cm, 24cm, 26cm, 28cm, 30cm) and suitable for all cookware of the same dimension, fry pan, or casserole.

Dishwasher safe.

The product must not be placed in the oven.

Instructions for use

-Before the first use, wash the lid with soapy warm water and soft sponge.

-After each use, wash and dry well with a dried dish towel.

-Do not use metal sponges, wire or harsh cleaners.

-In compliance with food contact regulations.

-Prefer to leave the product to cool first and then proceed to wash it. Do not place the hot lid directly to cold water or on a cold surface, to avoid possible cracking due to the sudden temperature change.

-Once you notice crackings on the glass lid, do not use it or try to fix it, since there is a high danger of glass shattering and human injury.

-Keep your face and hands away from the steam hole and open cautiously the lid during cooking, so as to protect yourself from the steam’s high temperature.

Shipping information


NAVA Weight
Ø 0.80
NAVA Length
Ø 30.00 cm
NAVA Height
Ø 10.00 cm
NAVA Width
Ø 30.00 cm

Consumer line

From Monday to Friday

+30 2317 00 5678

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