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Product code: 10-103-108
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Coffee warmer "Duboko" with nonstick coating 480ml

Product dimensions
Weight 0.15 kg
Length 20.50 cm
Height 9.00 cm
Width 9.00 cm
Capacity 0.48 litre
Thickness 2.00 mm
Diameter 8.50 cm
Technical characteristics

Non-stick aluminium coffee warmer DUBOKO

The non-stick inner coating provides long-lasting durability to everyday use, while the strong outer surface makes the pot resistant to scratches. Features an ergonomic handle for ease of use and a smooth surface for easy cleaning. The perfect fit of the bottom on the cooktop ensures faster heat diffusion in its content.

Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and halogen stoves.

Bottom diameter: 6,50cm. 

Dishwasher safe.

Instructions for use

-Before the first use wash the pot with soapy warm water and soft sponge.

-Do not use metal sponges, wire or harsh cleaners.

-For longer life, prefer to leave the pot to cool first and then wash it with soapy warm water and soft sponge.

-Do not overheat the pot when it is empty and remove it from the stove before its content evaporates.

-Use a stove with a size equal to or smaller than the bottom of the pot.

-Do not fill the pot more than 2/3 of its capacity to avoid overflow.

-Prefer to use wooden, plastic or silicone kitchen utensils for longer life of the non-stick coating.

-The non-stick coating is in compliance with food contact regulations.

Shipping information


NAVA Weight
Ø 0.25
NAVA Length
Ø 22.50 cm
NAVA Height
Ø 11.00 cm
NAVA Width
Ø 11.00 cm

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