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Product code: 10-166-012
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Carbon steel wok "Cantonese" 30cm

Product dimensions
Weight 1.10 kg
Length 52.00 cm
Height 7.60 cm
Capacity 3.50 litre
Thickness 1.50 mm
Diameter 30.00 cm
Technical characteristics

Multi-purpose nonstick wok Cantonese with sturdy wooden handle.

“Cantonese” wok is made of carbon steel, the best thermal conductor, which immediately develops high temperatures and achieves fast and uniform cooking, allowing you to save energy. Features a light body, ensuring easy handling and it is greatly resistant to high temperatures. Disposes a solid, sturdy wooden handle which guarantees a stable grip and nonstick coating that ensures the anti-corrosive protection of the surface.

It is the ideal pan to achieve an absolutely delicious and healthy cooking result as ingredients retain their authentic taste and nutrients while requiring a minimum amount of oil during cooking. Cook steamed or Chinese dishes, boil, fry, cook your favorite noodle recipes, stir fry, sauté with just one pan.

The fabrication involves low-carbon footprint processes and excludes PFOA. 

Suitable for all cookers: gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction.

Bottom diameter: 15cm

Dishwasher safe.

Instructions for use

- Before the first use, wash the wok with soapy warm water and soft sponge.

- The wok is made of carbon steel, the best thermal conductor, it immediately develops high temperatures thus overheating should be avoided.

- Before each use ensure that handle and loop helper handle are firmly attached to the main body. In case any bolt has become loose, fasten it.

- Before each use ensure that you have added sufficient liquid content so to cover the bottom of the wok. If you do not use the wok for boiling, coat the inside surface with a little oil before each use.

- Do not overheat the wok when it is empty and remove it from the stove before its content evaporates.

- Low or medium heat is sufficient for obtaining the best cooking results.

- Do not use the wok at a temperature higher than 260οC, while in case of cooking on induction or ceramic stoves the temperature should not exceed 180οC. Do not reduce the heat towards the end of cooking.

- Prefer to use wooden, plastic or silicone kitchen utensils for longer life of the non-stick coating.

- Never cut food into the wok using sharp tools.

- Use a stove with a size equal to the bottom of the wok. In case of cooking on a gas stove ensure that the flames do not reach the exterior sides of the wok body.

- For longer life, prefer to leave the wok to cool first and then wash it with soapy warm water and soft sponge.

- Do not soak the wok in water or other liquids. Water and moisture may cause cracks in the wooden surfaces of the wok.

- Do not use metal sponges, wire or harsh cleaners.

- Dry well with a dish towel after each washing and ensure that the wok is completely dry before storing it.

- After each washing and drying, it is required to maintain the nonstick properties of the wok by applying oil on its surface.

- In case of using the wok at high temperatures, it is important to choose refined oils with high smoking temperature (eg plain olive oil, seed oil, corn oil, coconut oil) and to avoid using extra virgin olive oil.

- The non-stick coating is in compliance with food contact regulations.

Shipping information


NAVA Weight
Ø 1.20
NAVA Length
Ø 54.00 cm
NAVA Height
Ø 12.00 cm
NAVA Width
Ø 32.00 cm

Consumer line

From Monday to Friday

+30 2317 00 5678

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