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Product code: 10-282-022
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Die-cast aluminium low pressure cooker "Funtzio" with nonstick stone coating 24cm - 5L

Product dimensions
Weight 1.97 kg
Length 38.00 cm
Height 18.00 cm
Width 26.00 cm
Capacity 5.00 litre
Thickness 4.50 mm
Diameter 24.00 cm

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Technical characteristics

Thickness of body’s wall 2.20mm and thickness of bottom 4.50mm.

Cast aluminum body which heats evenly and quickly and maintains the temperature for long.

Durable non-stick stone surface 5 coats without PFOA, in accordance with the regulations for materials that come into contact with food.

Suitable for all stoves, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction.

Reinforced safety glass lid that allows you to check food throughout the cooking process, with a silicone seal glass lid.

Lid rotation mechanism for one-handed use.

Ergonomic handles for secure holding with silicone heat protection cover.

Lid safety lock (location valve -black valve) which guarantees the correct and safe closing of the lid.

2 alternative safety systems:
- Pressure release valve (red valve)
- Safety window 

Max working pressure: 3kPa

Total capacity 5L

Diameter 24cm

It is produced in such a way that there is a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and does not contain PFOA.

With a solid metal composition and a heavy bottom, it fits perfectly in the stove, as a result the heat is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the utensil.

Maximum safety, as the cooking process begins in a closed system and without pressure.

Automatic and healthy cooking, keeps the vitamins and trace elements of the food unchanged, while the non-stick coating allows you to cook with little or no fat.

Saves time and energy, significantly reduces cooking time compared to a common pot and allows you to cook at lower temperatures.

Can be used as a regular pot combined with a conventional lid.

Caution: The pressure cooker is intended exclusively for the preparation of food in small quantities and exclusively for private domestic use. Not intended for professional use.

Instructions for use

- Before each use, always check that the silicone rim, the valves and the safety window are suitable for safe use and that they are installed correctly. Ensure that they are clean and that there are no wear signs or damages or food residues or signs of grease or anything else that might be preventing them from working properly.

- Ensure that the lid is properly closed before you start cooking.

- Do not use the product if the body of the pot or other parts of the product are damaged,

- deformed or unsuitable for safe use.

- Use the product only on stoves, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen or induction.

- Do not place the pressure cooker in the oven or in the microwave oven. 

- Turn the lid knob until it fits to the position indicated as “lock” in order to secure the lid properly. 

- Do not open the lid when the pressure cooker is under pressure, first make sure that the pressure is reduced completely. Do not use force to open the lid.

- When releasing steam, keep your hands, face and body away from the pressure release valve to avoid burns.

- Do not use the pot when empty or with oil or butter only at high temperatures. In case of overheating, turn off the heat immediately, but do not move the lid, leave the pot until it cools completely. 

- Avoid pressure cooker's overheating by adding sufficient liquid, so to ensure that the contents will not evaporate.

- The cooking times depend on the amount of food, the power of the stove, but also on the frequency of opening the lid during cooking.

- When the low-pressure cooker is under pressure, is recommended first to move the pot from the stove before opening the lid.

- Prefer kitchen utensils made of wood, plastic or silicone for longer life of the non-stick coating.

- Never cut food in the pan with sharp tools.

- Do not fill the pan to more than 2/3 of its capacity in order to prevent overflow.

- Use the pressure cooker only on stable stove, installed on a flat, stable surface.

- Use a stove with a size equal to or smaller than the bottom of the pressure cooker. In case of using a gas stove, ensure that the flames do not reach the sides of the body of the pressure cooker.

- When the internal pressure is increased, move the pressure cooker very carefully, hold it firmly from both handles, with its bottom parallel to the ground, and place it only on stable surfaces.

- Never use this cooker in the pressure mode for deep-frying or pan frying.

- While the pressure cooker is hot, do not place it on heat sensitive surfaces.

- Do not use the product in case the pressure cooker itself or any of its accessories do not work according to these instructions. For repair issues, contact a specialist or the store you purchased the pressure cooker.

- Use only original replacements.

- It is recommended to avoid using the pressure cooker in order to cook foods that foam during cooking, for example apple juice, oat, cereals, beans, mashed potatoes etc.  as the foam can cause overflow of food and block the valves. In case you cannot avoid cooking the aforementioned ingredients in the pressure cooker, then you should be very careful and check the cooking process frequently, in order to avoid a potential accident.

- For ingredients that produce scum, in the beginning keep the pressure cooker open, skim the scum that is going to be produced and then close the lid.

- During cooking, do not add baking soda into the pressure cooker, or excessive quantity of oil or wine.

- If you cook meat with skin on which may swell up due to the pressure, in order to avoid possible burns, do not pierce it while it is still hot.

Risk of injury!
Any deviation from these instructions could lead to burns or injury.

Cleaning and Storage
- Always clean the pressure cooker after each use. Especially in the pressure release valve there will be food debris after each use, which can be easily cleaned.

- The pressure cooker is not suitable for dishwasher. Wash carefully by hand. 

- Clean carefully all parts of the product with warm water, a soft sponge and mild detergent. Then, remove any detergent residue with clean water.

- Do not use metal sponges, wire or hard cleaners! They can irreparably damage the surface of the pressure cooker!

- For persistent food debris on the body of the pot, soak it in water to soften and remove it more easily. If it is necessary, remove debris with a wooden scraper. Do not use metal tools or other hard objects which can damage the non-stick coating.

- If the valves are blocked with food debris, use a soft wooden object to remove them. Do not use excessive force to avoid damaging the silicone parts of the valves.

- The silicone covers of the cooker handles can be removed to clean and dry them separately.

- Dry all parts of the pressure cooker well with a dry, soft cloth after washing.

- Make sure the pressure cooker is completely clean and dry before storage. 

- Store the pot in a cool and dry place, protected from moisture and away from children.

Do not use the pressure cooker for storing food before or after cooking. Ingredients like salt, vinegar, sugar, etc. may corrode the body of the pressure cooker. Wash and dry thoroughly after each use.

Shipping information


NAVA Weight
Ø 2.70
NAVA Length
Ø 37.00 cm
NAVA Height
Ø 20.00 cm
NAVA Width
Ø 28.00 cm

Consumer line

From Monday to Friday

+30 2317 00 5678

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