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Product code: 10-274-001
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Digital kitchen food jug scale "Imperial" 5kg

Product dimensions
Weight 0.33 kg
Length 21.50 cm
Height 17.00 cm
Width 14.50 cm
Capacity 1.50 litre
This product is not available anymore
Technical characteristics

LED display

Jug with measuring scale (ml/oz/cups)

Maximum jug capacity 1500ml-55oz-6cups

Jug measure gradation 50ml-2oz-1/4cup

Jug temperature range from -20οC to 60οC

Max weight 5kg

Graduation 1gr

3 weight modes (gr/oz/ml)

Turn-on/off button (TARE)

Tare function 

Auto switch-off after 2 minutes

Low power indicator

Overload indicator

Non-slip base

Batteries 2x1.5V AAA (not included)

This appliance is intended exclusively for private domestic use. The appliance is not intended for professional use.

Instructions for use

Utilisation / Assembling

1) Before the first use, clean the scale’s surfaces with a lightly moistened dish cloth and then wipe well with a dry cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaning agent. Do not immerse the scale in water or any other liquid. Handwashing is highly recommended in order to ensure longer life of the jug. Use only warm water and mild soap. Do not use aggressive, chemical or abrasive detergent. Rinse and dry the jug well before you place it on the scale. 

2) Place the scale on a flat surface.

3) Press the   TARE   button to turn the scale on.

4) In order to change the unit of measurement, press the   MODE   button repeatedly to choose one of the available modes gr/oz/ml.

5a) Basic weighing:

Place the item(s) to be weighed onto the scale. The weigh will be displayed on the LED screen.

5b) Tare weighing:

Place the empty jug onto the scale. The LED screen will display the weight of the jug. Press the   TARE   button to zero the scale. Place the item(s) into the jug. The LED screen will display the weight of the content only. Repeat this step to weigh other item(s) gradually.

6) To switch the scale off manually press and hold the TARE   button until the display is turned off. Alternatively, the scale switches off automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity.

7) After each use, clean the scale according to the instructions of the 1st step.

8) Store the scale in a dry and safe place, not easily accessible to children.


- If you exceed the maximum limit of weight (5kg) the screen will display “Err”. Remove the excess weight from the scale.

- When the battery power is low the screen will display  . Replace the battery.

- When the battery power is low the screen will display “Lo”. Replace the battery.

- The screen displays   means there is unstable weight on the scale when turning on. Please remove this weight of the scale.

- The screen displays   means there is weight over 5kg on the scale before turning it on. Please remove this weight of the scale.

- The plastic jug is fragile and it must be handled with care.

- Do not fill the jug to more than 2/3 of its capacity in order to prevent overflow.

Shipping information


NAVA Weight
Ø 0.50
NAVA Length
Ø 22.00 cm
NAVA Height
Ø 16.00 cm
NAVA Width
Ø 16.00 cm

Consumer line

From Monday to Friday

+30 2317 00 5678

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